Productivity Improvement Secrets

Productivity Improvement

  • Do you feel like your productivity is broken beyond repair?
  • Do you feel like you have a high potential for achievement trapped inside you?
  • Do you struggle with procrastination or are you easily distracted?
  • Do you want to take control, but don’t know quite how?
  • Are you ready to unlock your full productivity potential?

Know this: It is not by chance that you’re here.

I’m about to show you how you can effortlessly eliminate procrastination and multiply your motivation & productivity so you can unleash your true potential for achievement in your life. You’ll feel more powerful, more capable, and in full control of your work and accomplishments, naturally taking the initiative towards becoming the most productive you’ll have ever been in your life, with an innate instinct and native momentum to get things started, so you can ultimately get things done. Productivity will become like second nature to you.

How is this even possible?

The Answer: De-Hypnosis

Yes, not hypnosis. De-hypnosis.

Hypnosis often conjures up negative connotations and visions of stage hypnotists taking control of individuals. However, little do we know that our behaviors up to this point in our lives have in a sense done the same thing. We have inadvertently hypnotised ourselves, through our various life experiences and external influences, to continually behave the way we do. It’s a cycle that is unbelievably difficult to break, on our own esteem. So I like to think of this productivity improvement program as a series of de-hypnosis sessions specifically designed to give control back to you—that is, the natural productive side of you that is indeed locked within.

Why Do You Need Control?

Over the years, certain subconcious beliefs and repetitive patterns of behavior have essentially hypnotized us. The resulting habits that developed have programmed our minds, wired our brains, to think, react, respond and behave the way we do. For some of us, unfortunately, those behaviors and habits haven’t been as positive as we may have liked. You want to do better. You just don’t know how. It doesn’t come easy to you (yet), but believe me: it can come easier to you, with just a bit of mental re-programming.

You can’t do it alone though, and that’s where I come in. I’m Scott Douglas, and I have spent several years researching this very topic of productivity and the art and science of programming the mind. I have also engaged in numerous experiments in productivity, time management, workflow optimization, mindset design and subconscious learning.

Now, through this highly refined productivity improvement program, I will take you beyond mediocre productivity improvement techniques and truly help you rewire your mind, undoing the negative neural paths—connections in your brain that have been wired to misbehavior for so long. However, it’s no overnight process. It will take some time to fully sink in and take full effect. But you’ll certainly notice some improvements in your productivity day-by-day as you go through the course.

Over the next few days, you’ll start to notice some changes for the positive—new attitudes towards your work, an increasing desire to prioritize and focus on your tasks, and a greater awareness of time and distractions. In time, you’ll replace more of your negative neural paths with positive, optimal paths that allow your mind and body to work for you, rather than the other way around. It’s easy, it just takes time to fully adopt the new mindset.

Just how easy is it?

It’s as easy as taking a short nap.

Also known as a power nap. You’d like that right? All you have to do is take one at some point every day for the next four weeks, and every day you’ll notice yourself becoming more and more of the ideal person you want to be. I like to call it an Empower Nap. This productivity improvement program focuses on reconditioning your subconscious mind in order to increase motivation and alter negative behavior patterns and in essence rewrite neurons in your brain.

10 Fundamental Truths About Productivity Improvement

Productivity Improvement Truth 1

1. Productivity Techniques alone aren’t enough.

While there are many productivity techniques that can help improve your productivity workflow, but none of them really work deeply enough to improve your productivity where it is most affected: your subconscious.

Productivity Improvement Truth 2

2. You don’t need more productivity improvement techniques.

Before you ever learn another new productivity improvement technique, you are already likely to have little effect at actually improving your productivity because your mind has already been programmed to do what it has always done.

Productivity Improvement Truth 3

3. Having more time in the day won’t make you any more productive than you already are.

You don’t need more time in the day. If anyone knows the truth of this fact, it is myself. In summer of 2008, I successfully became a polyphasic sleeper. I was working a full time job as a web developer, and ran a business full time on the side, doing the same thing. Meanwhile, I was tired of my 80-hour-per-week schedule cutting into my family time  and fun. I needed more time in the day!

However, I quickly learned that having more time in the day did NOT make me any more productive. I still found myself wasting a lot of time, often Web research or thinking about new ideas, or doing experiments for personal projects which weren’t a priority, compared to the life-sustaining client work I should have been doing. I let my selfish desires for doing what I wanted to do control me, and control how I spent my time.

Thus, I still procrastinated, putting off projects until the last minute, and often making promises on time that I could have met, but often didn’t, simply because I had rather been doing other things.  I allowed my once passionate work of helping others with their businesses become quenched by a desire to pursue my own interests and hobbies. As a result, I found myself being a workaholic, but rarely getting anything useful done. However, interestingly enough, through years of looking for a be-all end-all solution to this unproductive plague, I came to realize that the inverse is true.

Productivity Improvement Truth 4

4. Increased productivity will give you more time in in the day.

The flip-side of the “more time in the day” coin is a beautiful truth: Having more time in the day can indeed be achieved without giving up sleep. More time is a valuable and natural product of being productive. I have learned the hard way. There are only two ways to have more time in the day: 1) Sleep less, as I have already mentioned. …and 2) Be more productive. Unfortunately you can desire to be more productive all you want, but wanting and doing are two different things. I’m sure that’s not a new concept for you.

Productivity Improvement Truth 5

5. You can’t be told to simply “just do it” and expect to see a profound transformation in your productivity and workflow.

Obviously, if the above statement were absolutely true, you wouldn’t be here, and neither would I. You wouldn’t need me to help you improve your productivity through this special de-hypnosis / productivity improvement program. But deeper in this truth is the fact that we all have a drive, or lack thereof, for productivity and accomplishments at the inner core of our being.

The fundamental productive habits we engage in, whether constructive or destructive, have been programmed by our past experiences and patterns of behavior. This very underlying behavior pattern cannot simply be removed or altered by simply being told to “just do things”. This is why you need the help of my productivity improvement program to help you set things right!

Productivity Improvement Truth 6

6. Prescription medication cannot make you more productive.

This is yet another truth I’ve learned from direct experience. I was diagnosed with ADHD back in 2007, and have been taking a prescription for it. While it does increase your attention span, helps you concentrate better, and helps keep you more focused throughout the day, I’ve realized that you still have to choose what to focus on, and often you can find yourself becoming just as focused on a non-priority task, or even a distraction, and in such cases you’ll waste the entire day.

Medication doesn’t attack the underlying issues in the brain. The underlying issue isn’t always “focus” in the general sense of the term. The underlying issue is lack of the following: prioritization, follow-through, drive, desire and motivation. I know no medications that can help you with any of those.

Productivity Improvement Truth 7

7. You cannot experience productivity improvement over night.

At least, not a huge productivity improvement. However, minor improvements in your productivity will gradually take form each day you take time to relax and listen to the sessions I have recorded for you in the productivity improvement program.

Productivity Improvement Truth 8

8. Productive habits and behaviors can be “installed “much like software for the mind.

How often have you thought, “if only I could just install [knowledge or skill] into my brain.”? The truth behind this fundamental truth about productivity is that the body is unique and can be trained. Everything we know and do have stemmed from some level of training that we received at some point in our lives.

The human brain itself is like no other mamalian brain. I firmly believe we have a Creator that has designed it that way for a reason. God has given us a gift, but we tend to have squandered it, suppressing its power over the years, rather than taking full advantage of it to better ourselves, and our lives.

Through the use of these hand-crafted sessions I have recorded for you, you can finally put your innate gift to use, awakening your natural productive mentality and use more of your brain cell power to effectively improve your productivity. The potential is indeed there, inside you, all along. You just have to unlock it.

Productivity Improvement Truth 9

9. Having the desire for productivity improvement will only get you so far.

No doubt, it is indeed a step in the right direction. After all, it has certainly brought you this far—to this resource. But without further action, you cannot expect to employ other general productivity improvement techniqiues listed on other sites and expect to see any lasting, positive changes in your work habits and life.

Those fundamental behavior patterns that have been slowing you down and creating mental obstacles for you to have to hurdle are etched and ingrained on your brain cells, and the only real way to make the changes you desire is to actively choose to make those changes, every single day, and to reprogram your mind to think positively about your work, about how to be more efficient at it, and how to get things going, and keep them going.

Productivity Improvement Truth 10

10. Your productivity will never improve if you fail to take action and take advantage of opportunities like this.

Nothing about your productivity will improve if you don’t first take the initiative to make those improvements. I said it before, but I’ll say it again: you are here for a reason—it’s not a coincidence!

How Does It Stack Up?

    Provides useful techniques

    Instills Productive Habits, Obliterates Objection

    Overwrites Old Habits

    Soothing, subtle voice

    Binaural audio to help you relax

    Effectively and un-repetitively brings your subconscious mind to a state of full receptiveness in minutes

    Brings out your innate state of productivity with long-term results by helping you re-establish your identity as a natural success.

Does it really work?

Yes! But…

This course may not be ideal for everyone. I’ll address each of you specifically:

For the Skeptic

This productivity improvement program won’t work for everyone. You have to choose to listen to each session, choose to be open to them improving you a little at a time, choose to continue with them and follow through with the recommended schedule. You have to choose to let it improve your productivity and allow it to transform you from the inside out. Give it four weeks, and it will give you a whole new outlook on life and productivity and your workflow/work performance.

Our mind can play tricks on us. No part of our body knows how to lie more than our brain, where deception originated. So you cannot think of this productivity improvement program as silly, or pointless, nor can you doubt the effectiveness of the sessions I have developed and tested especially for you.

Truth be told, I too was once skeptical about the legitimacy and effectiveness of hypnotherapy and the power of suggestion. Even I couldn’t do it alone. I’ve spent years researching the subject, trying various things, and have now developed a system that I know works. I had to get past several mental blocks and doubts in the process, but once I did, my perpective shifted for the better, and I now see the bigger picture.

For the Loafer

It’s one thing to use this productivity improvement program to its maximum benefit to help you reverse your negative habits. It’s another to acquire this powerful course and then allow it to sit on your hard drive collecting dust. Don’t do that! This is a powerful suite of productivity improvement tools that are so effortless to use that you have no excuse NOT to use them at least 10-20 minutes each day.

For the Stimulant Junkie

Whether it’s caffeine or medication, the potency of these sessions lose their effect when the body is prevented from entering a relaxing, meditative state. Coffee only ever made me agitated. Medication, on the other hand, overpowers many external sources of relaxation and brainwave entrainment techniques. Stimulant based medication alters the brain’s waves from the inside, making you more alert, energetic and focused.

It’s best to listen to these sessions early in the morning, before you take any medication or have your morning coffee. Otherwise, consider listening to these sessions in the evening. The best time to listen is when you’re feeling tired, whether it’s mid-day and you’re ready for a nap, or it’s later in the evening and you feel exhausted, or even when you’re just waking up, before you really become alert.

For the Self Absorbed

It’s Not About Me! I must admit, even though this course is technically categorized as a self-help product, I’m not fond of all the self-sufficiency talk such as “this is my life” and “this is my body” among other self-centered themes common to many self-help books and programs. While, in a sense, both of those statements are technically true, and ultimately we are the ones that have to make the choice to believe in ourselves, that we can do better, and make an initiative to become transformed, I prefer to think of my life and body more as gifts, tools and resources, rather than simply possessions, and the power to take control and initiate changes in our performance level on our own is a privilege for which we aught to thank our Creator.

Thinking this way is not only part of who we, as humanity, are meant to be. It also helps us feel even more satisfied when we use our body/life for accomplishing things that are greater than ourself—it’s not about us!

Having a selfless dedication to success is, in my eyes, the only true path to becoming transformed and seeing the changes in your life that you want to see. So rest assured, if you are in that same boat, sharing the same train of thought about yourself as I, you’re in good hands. None of that self-sufficiency talk is necessary to truly be transformed and become successful. Don’t believe otherwise!

For the Impatient

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn once noted, “You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” I couldn’t say it better myself. This is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a true change in the direction of your life, but you still have to make the decision, and actually turn the steering wheel.

Then, as you listen to my sessions over first few weeks, you’ll start to see familiar landmarks on your approach/path towards that peak-productive destination you’re looking for. It will take time to get there, but once you arrive, you’ll know it!

My Productivity Improvement Program
Specifically Addresses These Underlying Issues

Each session has been hand-crafted and designed to target one or more of the following matters:

  • Procrastination, Over-Complication
  • Perfectionism, Optimism, Pessimism
  • Anxiety, Fear of Rejection, Failure or even Success
  • Lack of Motivation, Willpower, Momentum and Passion
  • Easily Distracted, Trouble Concentrating, Staying Focused
  • Time Management, Chronic Lateness, Underestimation
  • Disorganization, Constantly Losing or Misplacing Things
  • Forgetfulness, Missed Appointments, Commitments or Deadlines
  • Impulsivity, Poor Self-Control
  • Inefficiency, Excessive Multitasking

Peak Performance Suddenly Becomes
Strangely Easy to Achieve

The best, most productive people in the world have a gift. Now, I would like to give that very same gift to you. In fact, you already have the gift inside, you just need some way to unlock it. You need my assistance to help you effortlessly regain control over your life, your workflow, and ultimately your  success.

There is a physical problem with the management system of your brain.

It causes a priorities issue, causing you to focus on the wrong things, or allow distractions to control and overwhelm you.

What’s in it for You? If You Use it, Here’s What my
Productivity Improvement Program Can Do for You

Each session is 15 minutes long. Here’s a run-down of what’s included in each session:

Distraction Destruction: Supplanting Self-Sabbotage

This session is designed to help you purge procrastination, strengthen your inner-attention span, help you become immune to distractions, prevent you from engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors and keep you from becoming derailed throughout the course of your day.

Session 4: Perfecting Your Peak Performance “Zone”

This session is designed to gear you up with the ideal internal and external resources which you can leverage to instantly create your own mental environment of optimum output–whenever, wherever.

Session 5: Automating the Productive Mindset

This session is designed to replace the negative thought patterns of your past with positive, uplifting patterns that will help you embody the producer you want to be. Furthermore, it will also set these patterns in motion, on autopilot. Being effectively productive has never been easier than this.

Be Bold. Take Action.

Oops! Temporarily sold out. Please join my preferred waiting list.

I know… I’ve built up all this anticipation, only to leave you wanting (and waiting). The initial version of this program was a limited release, and as such, new participants are no longer being accepted (with one exception, which I’ll mention in just a second).

In the mean time, I hope you’ll sign up to join my preferred waiting list, that way you can be included in the next focus group. Hurry, spots are filling up rather quickly!

Priority Admission

Now, what if you absolutely must have this program ASAP, and you cannot wait for the next participant opening? Just contact me via email after signing up via the above form, and I can arrange to include you in the current participant pool for a special “priority admission” rate.

Why All This Waiting?

I realize I could have just released this productivity improvement program into the wild and expended no cares about its effectiveness beyond that, but I’m not like that. I’m very attached to my work, and by limiting each release to a select handful of preferred participants, this ensures I will have the ability to follow up on a reasonable scale, make sure the product is meeting your needs, and gather feedback in a way that wouldn’t be possible on a massive scale. It’s all about working with you, if desired, to help you ensure that you are getting the most value from this course.

As such, you will get a few follow-up emails over the course of the first few weeks, and your response to each is entirely optional, but your feedback will allow me to continue to perfect the system, optimizing it to your benefit, as well as others who take part in the program. Best of all, you benefit from this by having access to any updates to the program for a full year.

So, limited releases allow me to follow up, as well as respond to any of your own inquiries, in a timely fashion. I also offer a 60-day 100% some-questions-asked money back  guarantee, and I want to ensure that I am available to follow-up and gather feedback about any potential ineffective aspects of the program, I want to gather feedback as to why the program hasn’t been effective for you, so I can  continue to tweak it for the future. Such feedback will make any requested refund worth it for me, as well as you.

No doubt about it, I am absolutely passionate about helping you improve your productivity, your workflow, and your life altogether. I am willing  to do whatever it takes to ensure that this program does the best it cane to change your life for the best!

I wanted to make sure those who use this product see to it that it meets all your expectations. If there are any aspects of the program that don’t meet an expectation of any of my participants, I want to be able to work with that person